We believe in the value of long term investment and commitment. Our founder and CEO set up the foundation in Thailand to promote and foster local leadership and the development of activities, programs, processes and resources to address needs of people living in under-resourced and/or disadvantaged places and with particular populations who are at risk or experiencing disadvantage.

Despite the many challenges, our approach brings people together to participate in local activities that can be maintained over time, with or without us. The foundation is funded by charitable donations and has established and maintained strong relationships with stakeholders (community members, service providers, all levels of Government, business and philanthropic organisations) to maximise opportunities and outcomes across areas and for targeted populations. 

The Foundation office is in Pattaya City. We have a fantastic team of dedicated people from villages far and wide. Board members meet four times a year and financial statements are prepared at December 31. All administration, office support, networking and projects are managed by Thais.

We are continuing to develop a global network of people that believe in acting local and contributing to make a difference. Get in touch with us!