Justin is very hard working, strategic and intuitive. Justin has this incredible drive and complete devotion to meeting the needs of poor people. He’s really passionate about working outside the margins and frequently devises unconventional programs to create solutions to problems in communities.

Justin is so passionate about creating opportunities for disadvantaged people and communities in Thailand and across the Mekong countries. His faith and vision is driving the overarching long-term mission of One Thousand Villages: lifting people out of poverty and preventing trafficking and exploitation of children in the region.

Originally from Tweed Heads on the Gold Coast, Justin studied Theology and Psychology and worked in full-time ministry for many years before he felt called to serve in Southeast Asia. Justin and his wife, Rattana, have three daughters, Ashley, Wiphada and Lily.

Justin’s work on sexual violence, trafficking and sexualisation of girls in Thailand began in 1996. He has cultivated countless relationships and alliances across the region with many local and international groups and developed strategic projects, community networks and philanthropic partnerships in support of projects that reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development.

On a larger scale, Justin spends countless hours examining the complexities and challenges facing smaller nonprofits, churches and groups countering structural and systematic causes of poverty. Justin supports many organisations and networks, helping them to position to succeed.

Justin is a very effective communicator and speaks across the region on a range of issues. Justin holds degrees in theology and psychology.