We work with communities and groups along the Thai-Cambodia border. The poorest families face many problems and have very limited resources to overcome poverty. Inequality experienced by children is a very big problem. Many families lack basic necessities and cannot break out of generational poverty. We make investments in schools and communities to help improve education, housing and health.


Emergency Relief

We provide food, clothes, school uniforms, mosquito nets and other necessities. We work with village leaders and schools. We establish and maintain strong relationships with stakeholders.

Health and Hygiene

We aim to develop resources and address needs. Safe and clean toilets are needed in many homes and schools. We work with schools and community leaders to construct bathrooms and toilet facilities, and provide training in good hygiene and sanitation.


Disadvantaged children from poor families suffer from lack of basic infrastructure and poor quality learning environments. We work with schools and community leaders to provide school supplies and scholarships. Children in these communities will have reduced opportunities to pursue further education. We support families and parents with children in pre-school and primary school.