We build partnerships and new relationships to tackle the issues affecting girls in Thailand and across the Mekong region.

A grassroots organisation, we create and deliver projects and programs, collaborate with villages and school communities and develop education, enterprises and leadership to cultivate change. 

Our key program areas 


The goal is the empowerment of girls

We want to see the next generation of women have access to the education, income and job opportunities that will enable them to choose their occupation, so that no one is pushed by circumstance to sell their bodies for sex.


One Thousand Villages was created in 2002 under the vision of founder and CEO Justin Whitecross. Over the years we have stayed true to our underlying vision; to prevent the sexual exploitation and trafficking of girls, and to do this by building strong relationships with communities in our region.

We connect and engage people to help develop conversations and programs around girls’  empowerment. We’ve always understood that in order to prevent trafficking and sexual exploitation, vulnerability factors need to be addressed at the local level, alongside efforts to reduce demand for sex both locally and abroad.

It’s hard work, but we see the return on investment and we know it is high.


Meet the team. If you have any questions or would like to chat further, email us at hello@onethousandvillages.org


We’re very committed to our supporters. Our team and partners continually strive to maintain accountability and productivity. We’re investing in people, maintaining lower costs and greater efficiencies, and every last drop of energy is used to get the job done! Sponsor


Make sure you’re asking questions, sharing our stories, and having some fun with us. Remember, there’s always spaces to make some noise, post an idea, and see what other people are doing. We make sure your top ideas and questions are answered. Facebook


If you would like to be considered, please contact us and we will schedule a phone and/or in-person interview: office@onethousandvillages.org


We are committed to effective relationships and working in collaboration and partnership with communities, nonprofits, schools, and corporates to achieve far-reaching change for more girls and women. This type of strategic collaboration and dialogue provides new pathways to action and moves us away from models of isolated impact and toward new models of collective impact. At One Thousand Villages, we fully believe that joining together with others and better coordinated programs are essential for addressing the most critical issues affecting women and girls. Click to read more


We’ve delivered a variety of work, projects, campaigns, education, social enterprise, media, and leadership. Operations started formally in 2002 when we began organising and managing fundraising and programs in Australia and Thailand. Justin Whitecross founded the organisation because he believed that there is a need for a new approach to combating trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of girls in Thailand – an approach that is built on relationships and dialogue at the local level and on goals for sustainable social impact. We currently operate in four countries and provide programs and services to thousands of the most vulnerable girls irrespective of their race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. Click to read more

We should hate and fight against objectification and sexualisation of girls and women. Connect and engage with us Facebook Twitter Email