Trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls in the sex industry in Thailand is a problem of pandemic proportions.

We are addressing attitudes and root causes underpinning this violence against girls and women everywhere. We believe meaningful change is possible, even with the odds stacked against us.

One Thousand Villages is an international non-profit organisation working in Thailand, the Greater Mekong Subregion and Australia to prevent trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls and young women. We take a unique ‘bottom up’ approach to empowerment by building strong relationships and developing long-term partnerships with people, families, schools and local organisations. Our approach unites people together and fosters progress by empowering community members to address and reduce risk factors from the ground up. 

Thailand and the Mekong

Working with communities – small and large – across Thailand and the Mekong region. Home-base has been in Pattaya city since 2004. Programs differ in each community, but the common thread that defines our work is our commitment to forging long-term partnerships with people, families schools and local organisations. Programs include formal and non-formal education, leadership and skills development, campaigning and advocacy, social enterprise, counselling and other community services. Our founder and CEO Justin Whitecross is establishing Empowering Daughters of the Mekong Foundation in Thailand to expand our work today and well into the future. There are many ways you can help us, be it by donating, volunteering, or involving your organisation as a corporate partner. Please contact Justin Whitecross for more detailed information on how you can help out:


Working to break down widespread perceptions that link travelling in Southeast Asia with sexual entertainment. Social enterprise the ‘Outdoor Kitchen BBQ’ runs every Saturday and Sunday and all public holidays. Key events and activities bring people together and aim to raise awareness in the community. Over the next four years we plan to engage more Australians in this cause than ever before. Campaigning will reach all pockets of the Australian public, but will have a special focus on tourism and sporting clubs in Australia. How can you help? You can become a volunteer at the Outdoor Kitchen BBQ; name a donation; if you have a business or work in an organisation you can sponsor a project; you may want to step up and join the team! If you have questions and want more information, you can email Ann at


We have some awesome corporate friends supporting our work and we are constantly looking for ways to engage companies and the corporate sector in our mission. Some of our generous supporters support us all year round, while others donate during a specific time period. We couldn’t do what we do without the businesses who lend their generous support to One Thousand Villages. We believe that long-term friendships need to be mutually beneficial and continue to grow and work towards the same goal together. We understand that different businesses have different needs and objectives, so we have a flexible and collaborate approach to all corporate relationships. If you and your business would like to help us make a difference and improve the lives of girls experiencing hardship and vulnerable to exploitation, we would love to hear from you! You can email our Partnership Development Manager Jaison Hoernel:


One Thousand Villages runs a number of events during the year. Some of our corporate friends support events and show true commitment to ensure One Thousand Villages is achieving goals. Events include dinners in Melbourne; Pattaya Bed Race in Pattaya City; Jesters Fair For Kids in Pattaya City; and annual Pattaya to Isaan Get-Together. One Thousand Villages relies heavily on support from generous volunteers to help us realise our vision of girls’ empowerment right across Thailand and the Mekong. Our motto – Empower girls, end exploitation – reflects what we truly believe and passionately work towards. If you would like more detailed information on how you can participate and get involved with One Thousand Villages, please email to find out more about events.




We offer unique opportunities in both Australia and Southeast Asia to create tangible results. Currently we are focused on short-term roles which create significant gains but also look towards long-term goals. Jobs are filled by people passionate about preventing violence and sexual exploitation of women and girls in Southeast Asia?


Candidates who previously applied need not re-apply.
The Chief Operating Officer works under the direct supervision and guidance of the CEO. This high profile role is based in Melbourne and is directly responsible for leadership, strategic planning, decision-making, and effectively managing operational activities in Australia. A minimum of 5 plus years of progressively responsible experience in the gender equity field, development, management, or related areas; substantive knowledge and extensive experience related to organisational management; ability to conceptualize and convey strategic vision; strong communications skills; proven analytical and problem solving skills. Contact us for more information


A unique opportunity to facilitate the continued development of the Outdoor Kitchen program in Melbourne. Oversee and provides strategic planning, team development and the communications and advocacy work. Manages day-to-day operations and all relevant decision making. Excellent knowledge and familiarity with community engagement; minimum of 3 years of relevant experience as a project manager / community worker; university degree in social work, communications, or related field; another social enterprise experience is an asset. Email for more information


Based in Pattaya, Thailand, the Special Assistant to the CEO will provide timely analytical information, coherent partnership development advice and will have a proven ability to work and act under pressure and with discretion in a sensitive and challenging environment. He/She has to have excellent communication and organization skills to manage the substantive and normative agenda. Speak fluent Thai and good English. Results will have an impact on the overall efficiency and success of the program and partnerships in Thailand. Results will contribute to ensure a coherent team, timely and effective delivery of projects and activities. Email for more information.

Sex tourism and promotion of sexual entertainment in Thailand is so widely accepted. Girls and women are traded as pieces of meat… mere objects to please a man. We want to see meaningful change – because it is wrong and the use of women and girls for sexual exploitation cannot be allowed to flourish and expand.