What if you knew her?

It’s not someone else’s problem. We think it’s pretty pathetic ignoring it. We’re busy every single day in Thailand and around the region for girls in need.


One Thousand Villages works with communities – small and large – across Thailand and the Mekong. We’re not a fundraising organisation. Founder and CEO Justin Whitecross established a foundation in Thailand in 2006 ‘One Thousand Villages for Girls and Women’.  We build partnerships and dialogue with villages, schools and households to tackle causes of vulnerability. Our approach challenges deeply engrained societal norms; develops resources and programs for individuals to affect change; and creates access to education, economic development and networking opportunities.  


We believe that all girls and young women should have access to support, education and job opportunities that will enable them to choose their occupation, so that no one is pushed by circumstance to sell their bodies for sex. We want to see a world where girls and women are protected from sexual exploitation and abuse.


We know how girls’ are treated. Maybe it’s impossible to stop, but it’s wrong not to try.


#Economically empowered #women show us how to create change in communities and education for our #daughters. #loveit https://t.co/O9IbmnAUce

Big thanks to Adam Chant https://t.co/m9vjKG3kSJ for his help with @justoaust this week. Over $5,000 raised. We're very grateful! #GoFundMe

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Living in regions surrounding major sex tourism hubs, countless girls are drawn into prostitution. Vulnerability can only be removed by addressing the root causes of the problem: poverty, gender norms, and lack of education. One Thousand Villages utilises a unique personal approach that works closely with local women, schools, and community leaders to tackle these root causes.