We are One Thousand Villages

Empowering girls’ with education and leadership development throughout Thailand and the Mekong region.


Sex tourism and prostitution is growing rapidly in Thailand. Empowering girls’ at the ground-level is simply critical for long-term change in communities. This is our vision – for empowerment of all girls throughout the Mekong region, ensuring important and powerful change within their communities.


Our growing network of communities allows us to learn from each other, to understand what works, and to benefit from the creative ideas and successes that come from within each unique community – whether it be one village or one thousand.


Continually changing to face the biggest challenges isn’t easy, but necessary. Strategic collaboration and dialogue with partners, communities and groups is creating new stories and pathways to action. To say we are excited about our work is an understatement. Stay connected with every part of our movement.


We have delivered a variety of work, projects, campaigns, education, social enterprise, media, and leadership. Operations started formally in 2002 when we began organising and managing fundraising and programs in Australia and Thailand. Justin Whitecross founded the organisation because he believed that there is a need for a new approach to combating trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of girls in Thailand – an approach that is built on relationships and dialogue at the local level and on goals for sustainable social impact. We currently operate in four countries and provide programs and services to thousands of the most vulnerable girls irrespective of their race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. Click to read more