It’s up to us to change what a culture considers normal.

The Mekong. Unique cultures and astounding natural beauty. Our home.

The sex trade in Southeast Asia represents the worst side of human nature. We believe that in today’s world people have to respond together in order to make things happen and unlock change. We connect with people and engage to create positive outcomes, preventing exploitation and abuse of girls.

Objectification and sexualisation of girls is wrong. By engaging people locally, we’re building dialogue and supporting families and individuals to tackle the toughest problems. Our project areas

Sexualised violence against girls in Thailand is not a joke. Sexist attitudes perpetuate violence and abuse and is mostly excused. We cannot allow men to objectify girls for sexual pleasure. Going on a trip to Thailand?

How can you help, right now? If you’re in Thailand it’s easy to connect with us and find the best way to support in your area. In Australia, we’d love to hear from you and talk about how your support can help create more education, enterprises and leadership development for girls empowerment in the Mekong. Get in touch and explore some ideas:


Supporting One Thousand Villages is an effective way to tackle commercial sexual exploitation of girls in the Mekong region. We develop connections and participation to build capacities – key to empowering girls. We pride ourselves in building strong and enduring relationships with donors. We want donors to be informed and know what we do. Donors are given the option to visit nominated projects. All tax and non-tax deductable receipting for donors is managed effectively.

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We invite you to invest in the development of partnerships and capacity at the local level to prevent sexual exploitation of girls and, very importantly, support victims who are sexually exploited. Given that we are working with children and families in impoverished areas, there is a pressing need for education and more enterprises to create pathways out of poverty. Your donations and fundraising will help develop interventions and important prevention programs to address the root causes and multiple vulnerabilities that place girls, families and communities at risk.