Towns and villages have been bombed and attacked by Myanmar’s military. Thousands have been forced into the jungle without proper food, water, shelter and medical care. Children and women are being tortured and killed.

There’s no easy way to talk about what’s happening in Myanmar. Addressing needs of children inside Myanmar is not easy, but we won’t turn away. Children and families living in jungles need food, water, clothes and tarpaulins. Women and girls are especially vulnerable to abuse in a crisis like this one. The psychological impact of the crisis on children has been devastating. 

We are working with organisations and groups inside Myanmar and along the border with Thailand. We are providing food, medicine, clothing and other essentials.

Please help One Thousand Villages to provide critical aid to displaced children and families inside Myanmar. Please donate today.

Our founder and CEO has worked with countless families and groups in Myanmar for over twenty years. Violence and atrocities are escalating and innocent children, women and families are caught in the crossfire. If you would like to help people in Myanmar, please contact us.