Thailand urgently needs to address problems facing young people living in under resourced and or disadvantaged areas. Problems are complex. There is no single solution. Young people need knowledge and skills to navigate their way in life.

We believe long term investment and commitment are crucial to effect change. We work with multiple populations with diverse needs and promote and foster local leadership. We work in partnership with local leaders and schools and build on strengths of people (rather than deficits).

We focus on improving education, skills development and improving resources. Activities target those who need support the most; those who are not in education nor employment and training; adolescents living in poverty; teenage mums; and those with disabilities.

The challenges are real.


Emergency Relief

Many children in our programs in remote rural areas live in poverty. We provide food, water, clothes, school uniforms, transportation and other necessities. We work with village leaders and schools and try to reach as many children as we can. Our work is ultimately achieved through these partnerships and collaboration with community members.

Streets of Pattaya Program

Our HQ is Pattaya, Thailand, so naturally we spend a lot of time on the streets hanging out with people. So many meaningful conversations, listening and supporting people. Many underprivileged men and women work every day on the streets and depend on street work for their survival. We are deeply grateful for their friendship and we love helping and supporting them and their families. We truly believe in the power of relationships to bring about lasting change, so we love listening on the streets and being with people.

Health and Hygiene

Water and sanitation problems in remote rural areas – what can be done? The goal for OTV is to provide families and schools in need with safe and clean bathrooms, as well as training in hygiene and sanitation. Families in deep poverty must have support to develop clean water and sanitation facilities. We construct bathrooms, safe toilet facilities, and provide training in good hygiene and sanitation.