Thailand urgently needs to address problems facing young people living in poverty. Problems are complex. There is no single solution. Young people need knowledge and skills to navigate their way in life.

For programs to be successful, we make long term commitments and focus activities on improving education, skills development and improving resources for disadvantaged young people and their families.

Activities target those who need support the most; those who are not in education nor employment and training; adolescents living in poverty; the tens of thousands of teenage mums; and those with disabilities.

The challenges are real.

If you would like to help disadvantaged young people in Thailand to access educational opportunities and develop skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives, please contact us.

We can’t fix every problem. Our work in villages is not seen in isolation, it spans across the broader area. We recognise that a long term investment in time and resources is vital to work with and support people to effect change. We reflect on our work on a regular basis and modify plans and actions accordingly.