There’s no easy way to talk about what’s happening in Myanmar. Children and families living in the jungle need food, water, clothes and tarpaulins. The psychological impact of the crisis on children has been devastating.

We reach thousands of children and families every year. We aim to develop activities, programs, and resources that can be maintained over time, with or without us. We work with and support communities, schools and individuals to identify and achieve agreed social, educational and economic outcomes.

Desperately poor Thais and Cambodians living on both sides of the border want to find better jobs and income to support their families. We work with poverty-stricken families along the border and help schools and villages to develop resources and ultimately reduce the vulnerability of children at risk.


We recognise that there is no single solution that can bring about the end of poverty and exploitation. The work we do is developed locally and we know that everyone involved makes very simple but powerful commitments. We believe that long-term investment and commitment is necessary to produce positive outcomes. We really believe in the power of relationships and this involves building trust, skills, networks and linkages with locals. And we believe that building on the strengths of people (rather than deficits) is crucial and brings about lasting results.