Girls in remote villages in Thailand and across the Mekong face many barriers to eduction. Some are obvious – poverty, attitudes towards education, untrained teachers, and a lack of learning materials. One Thousand Villages is on the front lines of working to address barriers to accessing and completing a full cycle of quality primary and secondary education.  

Over the last two decades, One Thousand Villages has worked with a huge number of village-based schools and community leaders to address the challenges. Here are 3 of the priorities right now:

Teacher Development

Being a teacher is more than just a job. Clearly, teachers make a difference in the lives of so many and are role models for their students. Every year, thousands of teachers work hard and give their best to increase the quality of care and education in rural communities.

We know how hard it is today to create ‘quality education’ where students learn and develop important skills and vision for the future. Many teachers do not have the resources they need to meet the challenges they now face in raising student achievement.

We are committed to supporting teachers in rural areas to improve their effectiveness in raising student achievement.

Funding for Enterprises

One Thousand Villages is helping village-based schools with financing for income-generating projects. Increasing the capacity of schools to create and develop income-generating projects opens opportunities for disadvantaged people, especially women and families with daughters, to learn new skills and develop income options.

Projects also provide a source of income for schools to address critical needs – textbooks, exercise sheets, materials for teachers, and morning and lunch meals. Projects promote self-reliance, community ownership, and sustainability. Active involvement of community members is essential and brings people together to help the poorest families locked in a cycle of poverty. 


The primary purpose is to keep girls in school and improve student achievement. For many of the poorest families, school is very expensive and setting aside money for compulsory items (uniforms, books, pens, and transportation) is very hard. Our scholarships provide books, uniform, shoes, and bicycles and/or support for transport needs. Active involvement of families and community members is key to the program. 

If you would like to make a donation, please make a direct transfer and email the confirmation with your contact details.