Looking forward is always important and we are always keen to discover new opportunities and chances for partnerships and funding for our projects.

As with every other charity, to implement our work we need money. We recognise that a long term investment in time and resources is vital to work with and support people, families and communities to achieve social and economic outcomes. We reflect on our work on a regular basis and we know that funding is critical to the effectiveness and impact of our work. 

We often hear, “You are working with children and preventing child abuse and exploitation. It must be easy for you to raise funds via all your connections.” Or people will say, “You are a small organisation and you don’t need large sums to run.”

Although One Thousand Villages is a relatively small NGO, our activities are not small scale. For example, we work hard to develop programs and projects that focus on preventing violence against girls. We establish and maintain strong relationships with community members, schools, local government, and organisations and we develop activities/resources that can be maintained over time, with or without us. Projects are developed and delivered locally; this involves building trust, skills, networks and linkages with locals. So, plans for sustainability are important: this involves attention to funding. 

We achieve so much with every dollar and, despite the challenges, we try to build our organisational capabilities and consolidate our financial foundations. It’s a misconception that NGOs in developing countries are funded by big banks and philanthropy. We don’t get money from banks or global players. 90% of our funding comes from private individuals, people like you, who are now reading this page.

Given the overwhelming problems of child abuse, child trafficking, and sexual exploitation of children in Southeast Asia, NGOs like One Thousand Villages need security and predictability of funding to fuel programs and projects. International grants and government funds are difficult to win, particularly for projects where the best results for our efforts will be achieved slowly and over a longer timeframe.

Smaller donations allow us to build, for example, important livelihood projects or to fill various and constant funding gaps. Without smaller donations, we would simply be unable to run One Thousand Villages. So please help us to develop and deliver projects to address the needs of people who are at risk or experiencing disadvantage.  Addressing the root causes of trafficking and sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia requires long term investment and commitment. Our approach to supporting individuals, families and communities is effective and outcomes are amazing. Step by step!

Justin Whitecross / Founder