February priorities

Thousands are displaced by the conflict in Myanmar. And many in our village network  across Thailand and borders with Cambodia and Laos cannot meet basic needs. Supporting children is so important.

Priorities – February 2022

  1. Fundraising (1) emergency relief for children and families in Myanmar and (2) Farm for Life Project in lower northern Thailand in Kamphaeng Phet province.
  2. Delivering food, medical supplies and provisions in Myanmar’s Kayah State.
  3. Activity For Life program in Ban Ko Rak Siat in Kosamphi Nakhon District in Kamphaeng Phet province.
  4. Emergency relief for villagers suffering covid infections in Kosamphi Nakhon District in Kamphaeng Phet province and in Sa Kaeo province in villages surrounding Ban Nong Mek.

Many strategic challenges confront us. We need to develop partnerships and grow capacity to deal with challenges and risks. If you know anyone who might be interested, I’d love the introduction.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Justin Whitecross – Founder and CEO

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