The identity of One Thousand Villages is demonstrated in our values, relationships, convictions, and motivations. Our values generate principles and beliefs that guide us in our thoughts and actions. Our values also generate standards against which we measure ourselves and others. Relationships, working practices, rigorous evaluation, robust operational models, and commitment to learning are the cornerstone of the organisation.

Our values, working practices and management style are underpinned by the following:


One Thousand Villages’ work is focused on social impact. We have a duty to provide services without causing harm to individuals or groups. We respect our partners’ autonomy, confidentiality, and their right to informed consent. We treat our partners with dignity, and with respect for their cultural and religious beliefs.


Our decision to work in any community is based on an independent assessment of the needs of populations. We strive to build honest relationships and to ensure that trust, rapport, respect, genuineness, and empathy are foundations for our work. Building healthy relationships gives us power and confidence to freely evaluate expectations and needs, and to directly control our work.


We offer our services to people based on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. We do not take sides or intervene in political disagreements or conflicts.


We are committed to regularly evaluating all aspects of our activities. We assume the responsibility of accounting for all of our work to our stakeholders and donors.