December priorities

We’re finally on the homestretch. December. Tough year for everyone, everywhere.

Our priorities for December are pretty straightforward. We’re focusing on:

1) delivering 50 Baht Activities in northern Nan province and also in Chonburi province

2) completing big administration responsibilities (accounting and bookkeeping and process with Bang Lamung District for address change name and board members) and communication with donors and supporters

3) working with board of directors and recruiting directors

4) fundraising Christmas appeal

5) sharing plans and vision for 2022 with friends and anyone interested

We’ve built so many effective programs and deliver so much support for people with serious challenges and living in poverty. But we haven’t improved fundraising and need to focus on this as much as we can.

I still believe that together we can create something awesome. We need to build relationships and attract potential supporters to think about sharing with us. We know what we do best. We’re very careful and like to think things through. We’re very strategic. I’m proud of the quality of our work and the results we achieve. There is no better measure of success.

If that sounds good, please share with friends. Thank you!

Justin Whitecross – Founder and CEO

“I’m proud of the quality of our work and the results we achieve”. Want to talk with Justin? Every day Justin is thinking about how we can do things better. Contact Justin if you want to chat more about One Thousand Villages.