April priorities

You are such an important part of this journey. Not all of us are called to serve and sacrifice in villages and jungles. That’s why I founded One Thousand Villages. The impact we’re making is truly changing lives.

The next few weeks are so important.

  1. We want to build a bathroom for young children in kindergarten in a small village school on the Thai-Cambodia border. This project is especially important for girls; refugee children from Cambodia; and children with disabilities. Cost $3,000
  2. With your support, we’ll build a house for Sukwan (65 years old) and her daughter Sukwanluk (25 years old) and grandson (3 years old) in northern Thailand. Look at the photos below. Housing clearly matters to a family’s health and well-being. Cost $6,000

It’s hard for most of us to imagine living in extreme poverty. Sukwan and her family have many emotional and psychological stresses and never have enough money for basic needs. With a place to truly call home, Sukwan and Sukwanluk can move forward with their lives.

And we know that improving sanitation in villages is so important. Just how important is this project? By building this bathroom and safe toilets in the kindergarten, we’re improving life for hundreds of children and creating new hope for their families. This project will become a source of inspiration for so many people… many villagers will join in and provide assistance.

Please consider making a donation to One Thousand Villages before June 30th. Every donation, no matter how big or small, really matters.

If you know anyone who might be interested, I’d love the introduction.

Justin Whitecross – Founder and CEO