SINCE 2002

One Thousand Villages has been bringing hope, opportunity and resources to people in need in Thailand and across the Mekong since 2002.


Honesty: We are committed to upholding this value in all that we do. Without
honesty and integrity, our work will never truly succeed.

Listening: We are working with very complex issues. We are always learning and
striving to improve so that our work will endure and have a greater impact.

Collaborative: We are more effective when we collaborate with other organisations, schools, village leaders, communities, and team members. We are stronger together.

Innovation: We will not settle for the status quo. We are committed to creating and developing new solutions, strategies and connections that deliver results.

Perseverance: We don’t believe in quick fix solutions. Our story is about facing
problems with patience and commitment. We don’t accept things as they are: we
don’t give up.

Our founder Justin Whitecross started in Thailand back in 1995 with no idea of what lay ahead. Justin experienced extreme poverty and suffering in rural areas and cities and faced many uncomfortable truths about aid effectiveness and ‘solutions’ to poverty and heinous exploitation of children. His vision to impact lives and create change in villages and towns continues to inspire people to join with One Thousand Villages.

One Thousand Villages is people acting together, committing to solving problems in poorer communities and preventing exploitation and abuse of children. There are no fast and easy solutions to addressing poverty and how it effects families and children.

We know that problems are not insurmountable and can be faced honestly, opening new dialogue and opportunities to effect change.