About us

One Thousand Villages is registered foundation working in Thailand, Myanmar and across the Mekong countries.

About us.

We help children and families living in extreme poverty and suffering from violence.

Whether it be in one village or one thousand, we’re serious about making a real difference in people’s lives. Justin Whitecross, our founder and CEO, started in Thailand a few decades ago.

There are no fast and easy solutions to addressing poverty and how it effects families and children. Problems aren’t insurmountable. Despite the many challenges, we’re really committed and passionate about serving children and families in need.

Our founder Justin Whitecross started in Thailand back in 1995 with no idea of what lay ahead. Justin experienced extreme poverty and suffering in rural areas and cities and faced many uncomfortable truths about aid effectiveness and solutions to poverty and heinous exploitation of children. He is deeply motivated by his faith and genuinely believes in putting people first. His commitment and willingness to go anywhere to get the job done continues to inspire people to join with One Thousand Villages.