$100,000 is a considerable amount. One hundred individuals to raise $100,000!!

Yes, that’s right, one hundred individuals to raise $100,000 for programs addressing root causes that make girls vulnerable to exploitative forces of prostitution in Southeast Asia.

Obviously it’s good and necessary to get funding right, which allows us to focus less on our bank account and more on programs preventing and responding to trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls in Southeast Asia.

So why are we asking for $1,000? We’ve been looking closely at our funding and we believe an annual campaign is the best way ensure our programs will carry on in years to come.

Since June 2017, our fundraising has focused on partnerships with people, companies, churches and groups. Creating relationships and bonds with people is really rewarding and sustainable.

We’ve coordinated many traditional fundraising activities, most notably the ‘Outdoor Kitchen’ in Melbourne. These activities naturally require huge investment of time and energy and rely on a handful of volunteers. After so many years working too much and feeling exhausted most days, we stopped.

Today, we’re totally funded by donations from individuals, company sponsorship, church partnerships and grants. That’s right, donations from individuals like you allows us to keep doing what we do best. Interestingly, within just a few weeks of stopping the fundraising programs we discovered just how tired and drained (burnout) we really were.

We’re so proud of our work and honoured to share it with passionate people from all over the world. We did it!! We changed a lot of things and now fundraising is all about connecting with real people in real communities, where trust and reputation are front and center.


We’re asking individuals to make an annual donation of $1,000. 100% will go straight to programs by One Thousand Villages in Thailand. We aim to raise $100,000 before the end of January every year.

We believe that we can connect with 100 people, people who believe all children should be protected from trafficking and sexual exploitation and be allowed to be children.

Join us? $100,000 is a considerable amount. One hundred individuals to raise $100,000!!

Call me on my mobile 0404 073 901 or email to commit $1,000. Message networks and friends. Help us reach 100 people and raise $100,000 before the end of January 2020.

Your support will go a long way!

Justin Whitecross